2024 Commencement FAQs

Graduation 2024



Where can I get my cap and gown?

School District 87 has a contract with Jostens for the commencement caps and gowns. Separate information has been posted on-line on how to order. If you are past the deadline, contact Jostens direct at 630-963-3500. Please note that payments for these items are made direct to Jostens, not District 87. All merchandise must be paid-in-full, as well as all financial obligations to District 87, in order for the items to be released. Jostens will only accept cash on the pick-up day at school mid-May. Please refer to the Jostens informational posting on the Glenbard East website.

How do I get the wrinkles out?

Upon receipt of your graduation gown, promptly remove it from the packaging and hang it up. You may choose to press it with a cool iron, or hang it in a steamy bathroom. The material is very delicate. It cannot be dry-cleaned.

Which side do I wear my tassel on?

Caps (mortarboards) must be worn parallel with the ground. Tassels are traditionally worn on the right side and then crossed over to the left once you have received your diploma.

How will students be honored?

For students who have maintained honor roll for seven consecutive semesters a special tassel will be distributed, along with the department senior of the year awards, at a special ceremony in May.

What should I wear to the ceremony?

Male Attire: A suit jacket under the robe is not necessary and, in fact, may be too hot. Dark colored trousers along with a white shirt and dark tie are preferred. Dark dress shoes and dark socks are recommended. Shorts, sandals or gym shoes are not appropriate.

Female Attire: Girls should wear a “Sunday” dress or a skirt/slacks with a light top. Shoes worn should be comfortable to walk in. However, flip-flops are not appropriate.

How many tickets are given?

Six tickets will be distributed to each graduate by their Counselor at the Senior Celebration. They will not be mailed or given out earlier.

Do children need tickets?

If a child occupies a seat of their own, they will need a ticket. Children who are young enough (age 3 and under) to remain on a parent’s lap for the duration of the ceremony do not need a ticket.

How do I make arrangements for individuals with special needs?

People using wheelchairs or for whom a long walk is difficult should pre-arranged handicap accessible seating through Mrs. Infelise as well. A special parking pass will be issued and two of the six tickets given will be stamped “Reserved Seating.” Only one individual may accompany the guest.

Individuals in need of a sign language interpreter for the ceremony should contact Mr. Booth, Assistant Principal of Student Services, at 630-424-6603.

What time should guests arrive?

Doors will open for guests to enter 1 hour prior to the ceremony. See the College of DuPage site map for entry points.

Where do guests park?

Guests should park in College lots 1, 2 & 3 on the south side of the campus. Students who drive separately have a designated area on the north side of the building. Parking locations for both graduates and guests are noted on the backside of the ticket.

How long does the ceremony last?

Typically, the ceremony will last two hours. Please note that immediately following the processional graduates are required to see a member of the guidance department. Parents may wait in the MAC courtyard but not in the PEC building. The arena will be closed for C.O.D. to begin cleanup.

Will flowers or other amenities be available at the ceremony?

Glenbard District 87 has entered into a contract with several vendors:

Grad Flowers will have bouquets available for purchase before and after the ceremony.

Grad Images will take individual photos of graduates during the ceremony. Orders are taken online at www.gradimages.com. Questions? Call 800-261-2576. Delivery is usually 7 to 14 business days from date of order to your home. Personal photos may be taken from your seats only.

In addition, Lifetouch Photography will take a panoramic class photo on the seniors last day of school attendance. Order forms will no longer be provided in the main office for the panoramic senior class photo. Students can now go to www.events.lifetouch.com and “FIND YOUR EVENT.” Enter only: “all events”, “Illinois,” and the school name. Then click on the appropriate line from the list of school events to register for. The panoramic is typically available for purchase two to three weeks following the photo shoot.

We will not have a videographer at the ceremony. However, we do plan to live stream the ceremony through the Glenbard East athletic webpage.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the arena, as well as balloons and noisemakers.

Where can I find additional information on graduation?

Updated information will periodically be posted on the website under the parent section.

How do I obtain student records?

State laws that govern school student records and Glenbard Policy #5125 on student records require that parents/graduating students be notified of the student record destruction schedule and of their right to request a copy of such records at any time prior to the destruction. Please be advised that permanent records shall be retained for a period of 60 years and that temporary records shall be retained for a period of not longer than 5 years after graduation.

All transcripts are requested through the Registrar in the Guidance Department. Forms are available on the Glenbard East website. Please allow 10-15 businesses days once received for processing.