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Key Information

antoine anderson principalPrincipal

Antoine Anderson
[email protected]g
(630) 424-6600

Main Office: (630) 627-9250
Attendance: (630) 627-2595
Fax: (630) 627-9264
Deans: (630) 424-6668
Nurses Office: (630) 424-7133
School Counseling: (630) 424-7150


Mission Statement

mission statement poster

School History

Glenbard East High School opened its doors in September 1959 with a student body of 525 students and 28 faculty members.  This school year we have an enrollment of approximately 2,450 students and 180 faculty members.  Glenbard East has established itself as an excellent high school respected for its broad academic offerings and varied extracurricular program.

With school colors of red and black, its mascot is the Ram.  The nickname RAMS is an acronym for “Right Attitude Means Success.”  Prior to the opening of Glenbard East in 1959, Lombard students in High School District No. 87 attended Glenbard West in Glen Ellyn (known at the time simply as Glenbard High School).

Fight Song – “Rams Fight”
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Go, you Red Rams fight-ing on to a vic-to-ry!
Hail to our val-iant heroes, Glen-bard East High School!  G-E!
So let us cheer for our team, as they go fight-ing all the way!
Fight, Glen-bard East! Big Red will win the game to-day!
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Alma Mater Song
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O Glen-bard East, the Red and Black, we sing your praise in song.
We stand in friend-ship through the years with Ram pride true and strong!
Though far our paths may take us hence, let faith-ful-ness in-crease.
With hon-or, truth, and loy-al-ty we pledge to Glen-bard East.
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