Transcript Request

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Alumni/Past Students

  • Submit an Alumni Record Request Form
  • Record requests are typically processed within 7 to 10 days.
  • Official transcripts cannot be emailed directly to alumni.

Requests must be submitted by the alumni themselves. Per Illinois Board of Education Law 105ILCS 10/2: Once a student reaches the age of 18, enters military service, gets married, or graduates from high school, (s)he is the ONLY person who can request his/her transcript.  The request must include the student’s signature and satisfactory evidence of his/her identity.

Current Students (Grade 12)

  • Current Seniors should fill out a Transcript Request in SchooLinks.

Senior final transcripts will be sent out to colleges by July 1.  Please note that colleges often take a couple of weeks to process these final transcripts. The final transcript will be sent according to the information you provided on your Graduation Survey (filled out in SchooLinks at the end of the school year).


Current Students (Grades 9-11)

  • Please visit the School Counseling Office for assistance or email the Registrar at [email protected].