Rams of the Month 2023-24

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Brianna Arnieri
Bri is a self-empowered student leader in the class to whom her tablemates regularly seek help. She has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to think critically and often leverages her curiosity to improve the quality of our class discussions. –Mr. Jaffe

John Russell Bobier
LJ exhibits the qualities of a profile of a graduate in the context of the science learning environment. He has shown immense initiative, effort, and ownership of his learning and achievement in the course through ambitious goals, self-regulation and self-advocacy. LJ also exemplifies thinking critically as he has been able to apply his intellect, logic, and reasoning to take the chemistry material to a deeper level. Finally, LJ also collaborates and communicates well through positive relationships with his peers and teacher. He brings a positive energy and respect to all interactions in the classroom. –Ms. Zeller

Phoenix Fodrey
Phoenix is doing a fantastic job in AP Calculus BC. Homework is great, participation great, attitude great. Asks great questions and benefits the whole class by being such an active learner. Phoenix is very conscientious, pays attention to detail, and is knocking it out of the park on quizzes and tests. Thank you, Phoenix! –Mr. Hoogerheide

Dominik Homola
I feel so incredibly lucky to have Dom in my 8th period class. Even though it is the end of the day, Dom has a positive attitude every day. He is quick to ask for help if he needs it-both in class and via email. He supports his tablemates as we work through tasks. Dom is an incredible model for his peers due to his hard work and kindness. He is off to an amazing start to his high school career! –Ms. O”Connor

Rayyan Saeed
Rayyan has worked diligently since Day 1 of his Freshman year to do the very best he can, academically. He regularly checks his PowerSchool. Rayyan also advocates for himself via email if he has a question or concern. –Ms. Parlier

Kelly Webb
Kelly has been taking on a leadership role in class. She assists the other students with completing their journals and helps them read out and present their answers. She encourages students who struggle with self-regulation to follow directions. She has learned their individual plans and is encouraging and runs their token economy. She is a pleasure to have in class. Kelly is always willing to do any task and be a teacher’s helper. She is taking care of others that have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. She embraces diversity by accepting our Life Skills students and helping them achieve their daily goals. –Ms. Slusher