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Samantha King
Sam King has been incredibly self-empowered over the past few months. Sam was asked to take on the additional responsibility of playing in Symphonic Band at the start of the semester. Since then, Sam has spent hours of free time attending extra rehearsals and practicing, and has even begun private lessons on the oboe to gain a deeper understanding of the instrument. Sam balances all of this extra responsibility while keeping up with her studies and participating in athletics. We are very proud of Sam.  –Ms. Cappelletti

Jacob Macias
This student advocated for himself during first semester in Computer Discoveries realizing we had AP CS and self studied to be able to enroll 2nd semester in the AP course. He is a key communicator expressing needs and also works with others to fill in the gaps from 1st semester. Also enrolled in INCubator, he has expanded his tech skills into website design to further his contributions to his entrepreneurial group and the marketing of their product..  –Ms. Shirley

Nafahat Musa
Nafahat (Nova) has made incredibly rapid growth in her English communication skills since moving to the U.S.A. last year. Nova takes pride in improving her reading and writing skills, but more importantly her interpersonal communication skills are a model for her classmates in EL English-Bridge. Nova shines in assisting other students, such as during our PALS peer coaching experiences. Her time in Sudan and Jordan has given her a valuable perspective that enriches our school community. Nova is exceptionally self-motivated and does not shy away from accepting new challenges, as evidenced by her joining East’s softball team this spring. As a star example of our PoG tenets, Nova’s future looks extremely bright!  –Mr. Lakowski

Nora Opila
Nora is a freshman, who always went above and beyond in PE. She always incorporated as many students as possible and worked well with students with special needs within the class. She is reflecting that same behavior in my Health class; she’s a hard worker and overall great person.  –Mr. Cardott

Luis Trejo
Luis works hard and strives for excellence every day. He always greets others with a smile and a helping hand. Luis helps me eagerly and assists other classmates without being asked. I am grateful for his presence in our class!  –Ms. DeVasto



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Rahma Ahmed
In English class, Rahma truly takes her work seriously: whether it’s a small homework assignment or a full essay, Rahma’s attention to detail reveals her love of learning. But Rahma doesn’t hoard what she learns; when a classmate was struggling to make sense of a short story, Rahma politely guided him and asked him thoughtful questions that helped him see the story from a fresh perspective and understand the motivation of the protagonist. Rahma is the embodiment of a dedicated learner with the will to quench her curiosity. She is truly deserving of being a Ram of the Month.  –Mr. Novak

Phoenix Fodrey
He is one of the highest scoring students in the class. Phoenix always has a positive attitude and a willingness to make a strong effort. He works well with others, demonstrates leadership and participates in class. It is because of these qualities that I am selecting Phoenix as Ram of the Month for mathematics.  –Mr. Podraza

Emily Heinle
Emily is off to a great start at Glenbard East. She is a hard working student who is polite and respectful to everyone around her. Emily works well individually and as member of a group. Emily is always willing to help out her classmates and likes to see everyone be successful. Keep up the great work Emily!  –Mr. Edgar

Zabdi Hernandez-Juarez
Excellent student! Always on task, takes responsibility for self and team! Inspires and motivates others!  –Mrs. Koonce

Makenzie Goldsmith
Makenzie’s curiosity is contagious. She’s hard working and ready to take on new challenges. She brightens everybody’s days.  –Mr. Jaffe







Marco Chavez
Marcos brings positivity and inclusivity everyday to class, builds rapport with peers and teachers, engages in deep learning and challenging tasks, and student shows initiative, responsibility, agency, and accountability in all spheres of school.  –Mrs. Zeller

Kyle Leyva
Kyle’s energy and enthusiasm in Drivers Ed is infectious throughout the entire department. His participation in the classroom is unmatched and he practices responsible decision-making out behind the wheel.  –Mr. Lahey

Brooklyn Horton
Nico has excelled in AP Statistics all year long. In addition to performing extremely well on his assessments, Nico is an active participant in class; volunteering responses, asking clarifying questions, asking extending questions, and helping his peers both in and out of class. He makes responsible choices by getting high quality work submitted in a timely manner. Nico consistently demonstrates all six competencies of Glenbard’s Profile of a Graduate.  –Mr. Voss

Anabelle Stevenson
Annabelle works hard and is a leader in the class. She strives for excellence in and outside of the classroom.  –Ms. Bowen

Vlad Tryfanenko
Despite working long hours outside of school, Vlad brings positive energy to the class. And despite being the only speaker of Ukrainian, he interacts exceptionally well with his Spanish-speaking classmates, even taking the opportunity to learn some Spanish. In addition to his regular classwork, Vlad spends extra time growing his knowledge of the English language by participating in small group instruction with the Literacy Specialist. Recently, Vlad increased his reading rate by twenty words and increased his accuracy by 6%. These gains are a testament to Vlad’s engagement in the learning process. Way to go, Vlad!  –Ms. Johnson