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APRIL 2022

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Christyna Banks
She has two P.E. classes, by choice, and regularly will do both classes and has never asked to get out of anything; she is an inspiration for many in class.  -Ms. Miller

Joe Fajardo
Joe Fajardo Ortega is nominated for RAM of the month from the Fine Arts.  We nominate him for helping translate directions for our Spanish speaking students. Joe is also a great artist, friendly to other students, and always on target with his work.  -Mr. Packer

Brooklyn Horton
Brook is a wonderful student and a true example of all Profile of a Graduate attributes.  She advocates for herself while striving to help and empower others.  She is positive and creates community through mutual respect.  Brook demonstrates strong leadership when working with a group, which inspires goals for the whole class!  -Ms. Camerano

Caitlin Rossi
Caitlin is a great addition to our class!  She is kind, respectful and conscientious about her work.  Caitlin demonstrates three of our Profile of a Graduate tenets:  She “communicates” by “listening actively and responding with empathy and respect”, “Embraces Diversity” by “creating community through mutual respect” with her peers and teacher and “collaborates” by being “generous in sharing ideas with others”.  We have all benefited from having Caitlin in class!  -Ms. Ungaro


MARCH 2022

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Elishaal Bhimla
I would like to nominate Eishaal Bhimla for the Ram of the Month award. Eishaal is a hard working student who strives to do her best at all of her endeavors. She is a kind person who takes the time to talk to teachers and classmates. Eishaal consistently is a leader in the classroom by offering to share her thoughts and teaching others. She stepped up and volunteered to participate on math team when the team needed more freshman students. Eishaal is willing to take risks and work to become better at any falls as she navigates her way through freshman year.  -Mrs. Guebert

Alejandra Galvan
Social Studies is nominating Alejandra Galvan. Alejandra’s intellectual curiosity is as contagious as the joy she shares with the class. She is a deeply critical thinker who continually examines class content in new ways, applying current learning to past knowledge and other applicable topics. She tackles difficult questions with a gift for coming up with multiple solutions and arguments.  -Mr. Jaffe

Braden Leicht
Braden comes to class everyday ready to work and has a positive classroom attitude. He puts forth his best effort, asks good questions and has great self advocacy skills. I appreciate Braden’s perseverance, especially during some of our harder chemistry units this semester. Braden also is friendly and helpful to his peers in small groups and lab activities. We have really enjoyed having Braden in our chemistry class this year. Keep up the great work!  -Ms. Latrofa

Zechariah Poling
Zach is doing an excellent job in advanced woods and in advanced metals. He is extremely helpful not only to the teacher but other students as well. His own work is of excellent quality and he has high expectations of himself. Zach is a classroom leader in both areas.  -Mr. Bair

Kristina Tomanov
Kristina is one of the hardest working students in my AP List class. She is a thoughtful student who gets along with her peers and always pushes herself to improve her skills. For example, she asks clarification questions and has also conferenced with me on her writing. In addition, she collaborates and communicates quite well, both during small group work and class discussions. Her contributions are always insightful, demonstrate clear critical thinking, and also push her peers to deeper levels of understanding. She embodies many of the Glenbard Graduate characteristics and is a pleasure to have in class.  -Mrs. Posacki







Lea Angelakos
Lea has been an excellent leader in the music department. Lea has been an important member of the Orchestra Executive Board, collaborating with her fellow leaders to produce several fun and innovative events this year. Lea has shown interest in classical music composed by BIPOC composers, sometimes researching new and diverse composers and creating bulletin boards about them! When our school decided not to offer AP Music Theory class this year, Lea and one other student decided they still wanted to tackle this rigorous material, so they devised a way to meet with one of the music teachers for independent study one evening per week until 8 pm–that’s dedication! Lea’s work in color guard also reflects a collaborative spirit and top-notch communication skills.

Abraham Blanco-Castro
Abraham is always willing to help others. He is a conscientious student that tries his best in school and he has become our tech expert in class. He demonstrates a taking care of East attitude and a Ram spirit.

Ciara Johnson
Ciara is doing an outstanding job in Business and the Consumer. Ciara always participates in class, scores atop in the class on assessments and her attention to detail and work ethic are second to none. I appreciate the effort she puts forth on a daily basis and the leadership she exudes in class. Ciara is always willing to help out and routinely assists her classmates. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Ciara. Keep up the amazing work!

Emily Reiche
Emily has been a peer tutor/assistant to the Adaptive PE class for the past two years. Everyday she comes to class and engages with the adaptive students and has built genuine friendships with everyone in class. She also is a part of best buddies and is on our dance team. Her hard work and caring personality help to build a great atmosphere in Adaptive PE. We are very thankful for her!



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Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon’s curiosity and kindness help make US Government class conversations rich and valuable. The questions he raises help elevate critical thinking on our topics.

Bryan Macias
Bryan had a tremendous start at Glenbard East!  He did well in all of his classes 1st semester earning a 4.3 GPA.  Bryan is a role model student in the classroom that leads by example.  He is prepared, hardworking, and offers valuable contributions on a consistent basis.  Bryan was involved outside of the classroom as well, playing on the Glenbard East Soccer Team during the fall.  Keep up the great work Bryan!

Yassin Nabil
Yassin is an incredibly kind, thoughtful and insightful member of our class community. He is in class every day with a smile, ready to learn and engage with the material and his peers. He advocates for himself and others to ensure everyone feels safe and seen in our classroom. There isn’t a day when Yassin leaves class without reminding me to have a good day. He embodies what our East student body is all about and I am so proud to nominate him for this honor.

Puneet Singh
Puneet is the best example of a RAM. He is compassionate, observant, kind, and hard working. He is always the first to say hello or have a nice day. He steps in to help and assist when he sees something or someone in need. Puneet created a safe and welcoming room by reaching out a new transfer student to welcome him into the room, make this student part of east, and even gave him money to buy a Homecoming ticket so the new student could participate in our social events. He is an exceptional person and we are so glad to have him as a student in our class!

Vaden Srey
Vaden is a very respectful and considerate student.  Vaden has built strong relationships with everyone in the class and is very personable.  I am very grateful for the contributions Vaden has made to our class and the example that Vaden sets for other students.



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Lauren Iwinski
Lauren exhibits the qualities of a RAM of the Month because of her obvious social connection and empathy towards not only the students of East, but also the staff. Lauren is taking both a FACS Human Relations course and a Consumer Management course. In both respective courses, she is a pillar of the classroom community, always offering friendship and leadership amongst other many amazing qualities. Lauren, a senior, will be certainly missed as she carries out her RAM of the Month qualities out in order classes, as well as her future in general.

Agnes Ruaika
Agnes exemplifies taking care of others and East through her positive interactions with her classmates on a daily basis.

Lainey Staffeldt
We are proud to nominate Lane Staffeldt for Ram of the Month in the Visual Arts department. Lane represents the profile of a graduate by using critical thinking skills to generate creative solutions through their artwork. Lane is a dedicated and self-empowered student that likes to work ahead and make art just for fun. Lane collaborates and communicates with their peers in order to help them grow as individuals. Lane’s inventive because they think like an artist, and goes beyond by seeking unusual materials for assignments.

Jayda Swapsy
Jayda is self-motivated and she works hard, often assisting her classmates. Jayda consistently demonstrated her ability to communicate well with others and she displayed a growth-mindset that positively impacted her class.



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Cesar DePaz
Cesar works hard every day in US History class. He is engaged and positive in class. Caesar is a great example of a Glenbard East achiever. He puts the work in day by day to earn an A in US History. We truly appreciate his hard work and positive energy.

Samantha Johnson
I am nominating Samantha because of the way she helps others in Calculus and in other math classes. Samantha is an excellent partner who will take the time to help her classmates even if it slows herself down. She also has begun helping other students in math during her lunch period. Samantha is always well-prepared and asks excellent questions that show she is thinking ahead and making connections beyond the problem at hand. The entire class benefits because of the kind of questions Samantha asks.

Jiya Patel
Jiya has had an amazing mindset and outlook toward engineering education this year. She is fun, and outgoing on a daily basis all at the same time as smart as it gets. Her classmates look to her for leadership during all of our collaborative work, and she performs at a level that they all strive to meet.

Estrella Pedroza
I would like to recommend Estrella Pedroza. They continue to demonstrate effective communication, critical thinking skills and ability to embrace diversity. Throughout Persepolis Estrella constantly prompted fellow students to think about how the text applied to the world around them, and openly shared their own experiences. Estrella is also always seeking clarification and help, and advocated for themselves in the classroom and extracurriculars. Estrella is an exceptional member of the Ram family.

Trevion Rogers
Trevion has worked very hard the second half of this semester to bring up his Biology grade. I have seen an increase in his focus and determination to perform well in class. He has also demonstrated respect towards me and Mr. Buss during Biology class.



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Keeli Dunaway
I’d like to nominate one of my distinguished Online Wellness P.E. students, Keeli Dunaway. Keeli is a hard-working, self-motivated student that is truly a pleasure to have in class. In regards to the Glenbard Profile of a Graduate competencies that come to mind, Keeli is the epitome of Communication and Is Self-Empowered.

Karina Janisch
Karina is doing an outstanding job in Accounting. Karina always participates in class, scores well on assessments and her attention to detail is second to none. I appreciate the effort she puts forth on a daily basis and the leadership she exudes in class. Karina is always willing to help out and routinely assists her classmates. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Karina. Keep up the amazing work!

Kyle Schultz
Kyle has continued to make great progress in German as a German II student. He makes consistent effort to communicate in German during class, and has a very positive influence on the class dynamic. We are fortunate to have him in our German program and are confident that he will use his knowledge of German well in the future.

Edward Vercruysse
I nominate one of my film students, Edward Vercruysse. He is in my Video Production class and consistently lifts up others projects and submits excellent examples of insightful filmmaking. He is also an active member of my video club and one of the coordinators of the screening last week. He is kind, enthusiastic, and passionate about filmmaking. He takes active roles both behind and in front of the camera.



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Areej Binmahfooz
Areej is an incredible asset to our first period English class. She regularly demonstrates her ability to think critically and her annotations in our first unit demonstrates a keen insight and ability to understand the nuances of the stories we read. Her strengths also extend to group dynamics where Areej is ready to contribute to discussions, but is also quick to bring others into the discussion, posing questions and encouraging further explanation. A stellar student for sure.

Sean Fisher
It is without hesitation that the Business and FaCS department honor Sean Fisher as our first “Ram of the Month” this school year. Sean exudes each characteristic that makes up a quality “Ram of the Month.” He leads by example both socially and academically. Specific to the Business and FaCs departments, he has taken a variety of the courses offered since his freshman year and has excelled in all of them. Sean will be sorely missed next year when he graduates.

Angel Garret
Angel is an excellent student that engages deeply in classroom conversations and is proactive in educating and engaging others. In Modern Issues, she consistently brings thoughtful questions, considerations, and observations to the class that further and deepen understanding for all. Furthermore, after discussing the danger and desperation many Afghans are facing with the fall of Kabul, Angel researched how to contact relevant members of Congress to advocate for greater resources and humanitarian response. She shared this resource via Schoology and discussed it with classmates to help give them a tool and guidance about how to communicate and advocate for issues to government officials who are in positions to create change. Her engagement and effort demonstrate the self-empowerment and communication skills of a Glenbard graduate.

Samantha Johnson
Samantha is a self-empowered student that makes responsible decisions, advocates for others, and builds strong relationships with staff and peers. She is a highly motivated student able apply previous knowledge to novel situations. She works well with her peers and can inspire those around her towards a common goal in a positive, supportive manner.  Samantha is a ready, responsible, and respectful student. She is an active listener and collaborates in order to inspire and motivate others towards a common purpose. She consistently demonstrates optimism and her positive attitude is contagious. She is a critical thinker and the perfect choice for the science department’s Ram of the Month!

Jorge Parra
Jorge is a hard working student who goes above and beyond to be successful in his classes. Jorge does a great job of advocating for himself and working with teachers outside of the class time. Jorge is also polite and courteous. He makes it a point to say hello and goodbye to teachers each day. He gets along well wtih other students during group work and in the lab setting. Jorge is a great person to be around.