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In September, Principal Anderson awarded his G Coin to student Livia.

aa lr gcoin award and merch 2023 12 27

Livia is the epitome of a well-rounded student and serves as an excellent representative of Glenbard East High School. Not only does she excel in the classroom, but she is also very involved in the overall school community. This includes being a three-sport varsity athlete, a member of National Honor Society (NHS), and a member of the Principal Student Advisory Council (PSAC), just to name a few. What stood out the most was when asked to be a student representative and participant with our building and district’s initiative to improve the school’s facilities, Livia did not hesitate to volunteer and has given of her personal time during the summer and evenings to be present and assist wherever necessary. Because of all of that she does for the Glenbard East community, Livia is more than worthy to be a G Coin recipient.

WOW! Way to go! As part of her recognition for this award, Livia also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.


In October, Dean Travis awarded his G Coin to student Esteban.

06 2023 10 PBIS G Coin Esteban Nunez Chaidez

During a lunch period, Esteban helped a student in serious medical need by picking the student up and carrying him to the medical response team.  This definitely embraces the characteristics of someone who is “taking care of others.” 

Great job, Esteban!

As part of his recognition for this award, Esteban also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.


Dean Hinriksson awarded the G Coin to student Brooklyn.

pbis g coin brooklyn horton 2023 11 30

Brooklyn was nominated because of the maturity, kindness and understanding observed in her interactions with adults and students in the building. Her interactions exemplify the ideals of communication and collaboration that are embedded in the Glenbard Profile of a Graduate, and she is a true role model in our school community in this and many other ways.

Thanks for all you do, Brooklyn! Keep being awesome!

As part of her recognition for this award, Brooklyn also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.



In recognition of her consistent display of compassion, kindness and resiliency, Valeria is December’s G Coin recipient.

pbis g coin valerie rivas trejo 2023 12 31

She is a hard working and compassionate student who has consistently shown kindness, continues to work hard and is an amazing advocate for herself and others. Valeria arrived in the U.S. 3 years ago and while nervous about the massive change, she did not let the fear of not knowing the language or the academic expectations scare her! Valeria has been a leader when welcoming students that are new to the country and East, regardless of the language they speak. Her warm smile and friendly demeanor have made her an approachable figure for fellow students. She consistently displays the qualities outlined in our Profile of a Graduate, making her a shining example of what we hope all our students will become.

Congratulations, Valeria! You make East a better place!

As part of her recognition for this award, Valeria also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.


In the month of January, Dr. Berenson (Assistant Principal for Operations) awarded the G Coin to student Tamea.

pbis g coin tamea mcneal 2024 02 05

As a Senior at Glenbard East, Tamea has demonstrated the resiliency needed to overcome many obstacles and succeed. Over the last four years, she has served as a role model for young students who enter East and need a sense of purpose and direction.

Tamea, there are a ton of teachers that were so happy when they heard you were the G coin recipient. We are all proud of you.

As part of her recognition for this award, Tamea also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.


Chela is February’s G Coin recipient. She was nominated by Dean Pigoni.

pbis g coin chela chaidez 2024 03 08

Chela has displayed extreme hard work to overcome challenges to show growth throughout her two years at Glenbard East. Chela is a leader and shows great qualities that make her approachable and welcoming. Chela continues to work hard by setting goals and advocating for herself.

Congratulations, Chela!

As part of her recognition for this award, Chela also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.


Lilly and Brandon are March’s G Coin recipients. They were nominated by Deans Kass and Perisee.

pbis g coin lilly hess 2024 04 10

Dean Kass gave Lily the G Coin for being involved in multiple sports and clubs and maintaining nearly perfect attendance throughout this school year. In addition, during a recent fight in the building Lily stepped in and helped to separate the two students while remaining calm and collected.

pbis g coin brandon ellis 2024 04 10

Dean Perisee gave Brandon the G Coin for going above and beyond expectations by actively intervening and helping break up an altercation between two other students.  With unwavering composure and a genuine concern for the well-being of others, Brandon demonstrated outstanding conflict resolution skills.  This certificate is a testament to Brandon’s commitment to fostering a positive atmosphere and ensuring the well-being of his peers.  May his actions serve as an inspiring example for others, highlighting the impact that individual courage and compassion can have on our school community.

Congratulations, Lilly and Brandon!

As part of their recognition for this award, Lilly and Brandon also got to choose a new item of Ram Wear.