April 9, 2019
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Yearbook distribution FAQs

When will yearbooks be distributed?  Will I need to show my student ID when I pick up my yearbook?
Yearbooks will be distributed on May 21, 22, and 23 after school in the cafeteria from 2:30 to 3:00 pm.  ID is required.

I thought I ordered a yearbook, but my name is not on this list.
Often, people get “cap and gown” or ring orders confused with the yearbook (both are from Jostens).  For any other order discrepancies, please contact Ms. Orbegoso at [email protected]

I have free/reduced lunch.  Do I get a free yearbook?
Unfortunately, no.

What if I am not available at that time to get my yearbook (due to being a January grad, having a job, having sports practice, having to babysit, early dismissal, etc.)? 
Please write a note and send it with a friend to pick up your yearbook.  Your friend will be required to show ID and also stand in line for your yearbook (lines are different according to last name).

Can people still buy a yearbook?
There will be a limited number of yearbooks for sale on a first come, first served basis during these distribution times.  The cost is $50 (checks preferred, payable to Glenbard East; for cash sales on distribution be sure to keep your receipt).

I never saw the email about yearbooks and I missed distribution.  Now what?
Ms. Orbegoso will be available immediately after school for 15 minutes on remaining school days in room 310-A to pass out any remaining yearbooks.  On final exam days she will be there after the last exam of each day for 15 minutes.

I moved.  Can you mail my yearbook to me?
Please mail a check payable to Glenbard East High School (Attention: Yearbook) 1014 S. Main, Lombard IL 60148 in the amount of $15 to cover shipping and handling.  Include your new address and we will mail your yearbook.

There is a mistake in the yearbook.  Can I have a refund?
The yearbook is produced after school by student volunteers.  We try our best.  However, if you would like a refund you need to return your (unsigned) book in perfect condition.