Activities Descriptions


ACE Club Description
We are an adventure club that does various activities and does service for East!
Anime Club Description
Anime Club is a club for anime (Japanese cartoons) fans, but open to all other fandoms and gamers! We are a friendly and inclusive group. We ask that you treat others with the respect you also want to be treated with!
Argonne Research Club Description
This club researches a scientific question, evaluates an aspect of that question with synchrotron technology at Argonne National Laboratory, participates in the Advanced Photon Source poster session in May
Aries (Yearbook) Description
Aries is the student produced/published school yearbook.
Best Buddies Description
Best Buddies is a student group that pairs individuals with and without disabilities in hopes of forming healthy, lasting friendships.
Chess Team & Club Description
Chess at East is both a weekly club and a competitive team with regular interscholastic competitions. Students of any experience level play & learn together to grow their skill & interest in this timeless game of strategy & tactics.
Choir Description
We oversee all singing at Glenbard East. “Choir” encompasses various ensembles and groups (Vocal Jazz Workshop, Eastwind, Madrigals, Sorella, WAVE, Ramparts, DCD, etc.)
Christian Fellowship Club Description
Students meet to pray, read God’s Word, and fellowship together.
East Side Vibe Description
Hip Hop Dance
Echo (Newspaper) Description
ECHO is the student newspaper for Glenbard East.
Film Club Description
Gathering a community of students to make and produce films and sports footage
Forensics Team: Group Interp & Contest Play Description
Group Interpretation is a competitive ensemble performance adapted from a published source and Contest Play is a 40 minute performance of a full length play with lights, costumes, set and full spectacle. Students will work creatively as a team to enhance communication and performance skills.
German Club Description
German language and culture OUTSIDE of the classroom
Guitar Club Description
This club is for anyone who wants to explore playing the guitar! Whether you are already shredding or have never played, we welcome you to make new friends while building your skills. Guitars are provided–and snacks, too!
Key Club Description
Provide community service opportunities in the surrounding towns and partner with the Kiwanis in Lombard and Glendale Heights.
Latinos Unidos Description
Latinos Unidos is a student club organization for those interested in learning more and connecting through Latinx culture. Meetings are held biweekly with annual events including fundraising events, service projects, and annual celebrations. Students have the opportunity to interact with other club members and building staff throughout the year to have opportunities to engage and connect regarding current topics and events. Please contact Ricardo Camacho at [email protected] for more information including opportunities to participate.
Leadership Description
Leadership provides service to GBE in a variety of roles.
Link Crew Description
Mentors will be provided with leadership training as well as develop ways to connect with our freshmen class.
Math Team Description
Math Team competes in 3 types of contests, and lasts from September to March. We practice once a week on Tuesdays from 2:45 to 3:45. Anyone who loves math is welcome.
Model United Nations Description
Model United Nations puts students in control of the debate. We attend simulated meetings where each student represents a different country. Learn to represent the interests of another people in another place. Public speaking, debate, and political maneuvering are all part of the skill set developed during our conferences.
National Honor Society Description
National Honor Seat
PRISM Description
PRISM is a club that discusses and deals with issues regarding gender expression and identity as well as orientations. We are trying to get the school a safe place for all people.
Rho Kappa Description
Rho Kappa is the Glenbard East chapter of the National Social Studies Honor Society.
Science Olympiad Description
Science and engineering based activities in which individual or small teams compete in various judged and timed events.
Sister 2 Sister Description
To improve social skills and provide social and emotional learning that is culturally relevant, to develop a sisterhood and to build a network of support.
Special Olympics Description
Special Olympics is a global organization that provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to participate in sports training and competition. At Glenbard East, we offer basketball in the winter (November-January) and track and field in the spring (March-May). All individuals with an identified intellectual disability are eligible for participation. Peer buddies are always welcome to volunteer to assist in coaching our Special Olympics athletes
Spoken Word/Slam Club Description
We write spoken word pieces. The first part of the year is all about writing, while second semester has a heavier focus on the performance of pieces written during the first semester.
STEM Club Description
STEM club provides a support system for inquiry into various fields of science and technology. This year one of the foci will be the medical field.
Student Council
Homecoming – Fall Food Drive – Winter Trees – Toy Drive – Blood Drive – Scholarship