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Off-Site Evacuation Locations

(Group 1)
Student Last Names: A-D
National University of Health Sciences
200 East Roosevelt Road
Ph: 630.889.6604

(Group 2)
Student Last Names: E-K
*Lombard Park District Maintenance Facility
955 S. Columbine
Ph. 630.629.3344

(Group 3)
Student Last Names: L-M
*District 44 Maintenance Facility
955 S. Columbine
Ph. 630.620.3572

(Group 4)
Student Last Names: N-Q
Hammerschmidt School
617 Hammershmidt Ace
Ph. 630.827.4200

(Group 5)
Student Last Names: R-S
Madison School
150 W. Madison
Ph. 630.827.4100

(Group 6)
Student Last Names: T-Z
Sunset Knoll Recreation Center
820 S. Finley
Ph. 630.620.7322

(Group 7)
Football Field Concession Stand
Specific Students and Staff
Custodial and Food Services Staff

**Lombard Park District and School District 44 Maintenance Facilities share the same building.