New Health Reporting Form

January 31, 2022

health services screenshot new health reporting form

East Families,

In an effort to streamline the reporting of health-related issues to the Health Office and provide prompt support for our students, we will be using a Health Reporting Form. Starting Wednesday, February 2, 2022, families must do the following when reporting an absence that is related to illness. 

  1. Report your student absent by calling 630-627-2595 (Attendance Line)

  2. Report your student’s illness by completing the Health Reporting Form

  3. Keep the confirmation email and wait for communication from the health office.  

The form gathers important information that includes positive COVID testing, close contact to a positive COVID case, feeling ill or have any health questions you may have. You must complete the Health Reporting Form linked HERE. Followed by the submission, you will receive an email with the subject “Glenbard COVID Report” with a confirmation number.  Please keep this email and wait for communication from the health office.  The Health Office staff will review the submission and respond to your specific situation.  Health Office responses will be sent via email. Please also note the following:

✬ Phone calls and/or emails to report health-related absences before completing the form will result in a request to complete the form first. 

✮ The Health Reporting Form is linked HERE and also can be found on Glenbard East website under the parent tab,  attendance page.

Thank you for taking the time to engage in the new process so that we can work together to best support our students.