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All junior or senior students that have maintained a 4.3 overall GPA at the conclusion of the first semester of their junior or senior year qualify to apply for the National Honor Society. This national organization recognizes students for excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and character.

To be considered for membership, candidates must:

  • Be a Junior or Senior at Glenbard East.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 4.3 or above.
  • Be active in the school community.
  • Possess upstanding scholarship, leadership, service and character.
  • Display leadership in the classroom and community.
  • Perform at least 10 service hours during their high school career prior to applying.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation (one from faculty and one from a community member).
  • Submit a membership fee of $20  if you receive membership.
  • Accurately complete and submit the application packet by the deadline.

Please note, meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee membership. 


The Selection Process

Candidates who meet the minimum requirements after the end of first semester will be invited to attend a candidate meeting in early February.  At this meeting, students will receive the candidate packet and will have a chance to ask any questions about the selection process and membership.  Candidates will have approximately three weeks to complete the application materials and request recommendation letters from faculty and community members.  Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

Shortly after the deadline, the entire faculty of Glenbard East is asked to comment on each candidate‚Äôs leadership ability and character.  Using the information you provide and the information that East faculty provides, the NHS Faculty Council then meets to evaluate each candidate and select members. 

Members are selected (and not elected) by the faculty of the school, through decisions of the Faculty Council, to be a part of the chapter. Individuals do not apply for membership, but rather submit information, via the student activity information forms, for use by the Faculty Council in determining membership. Membership, therefore, is an honor bestowed upon an individual, and thus a privilege. It is neither a position for which one applies nor to which one is elected nor a right of any individual. No student is guaranteed membership for simply meeting the minimum requirements and submitting information and recommendations.

The decision of the Faculty Council is confidential and final.  Members of the Council, including the NHS advisers, cannot reveal any discussions or proceedings of the Council, including how individual members voted or reasons for member acceptance or denial.  If you are denied membership, you will not be given specific reasons, but will be asked to reflect upon your qualifications and the criteria for membership.

Members of NHS:

To maintain their NHS membership, students are required to maintain their 4.3 GPA during their Senior year. They are also required to complete 25 additional hours of service.