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Academic Supports - Targeted Supports


Lunch Intervention for Freshmen and Sophomores (Room 251)

Freshman and sophomore students failing a class are assigned to Lunch Intervention for the first 24 minutes of the lunch period. Attendance is mandatory and students may exit out of the intervention with passing grades. After the first 24 minutes of lunch, Lunch Intervention is open to all students seeking extra help.

EL Homework Club (Room 316)
EL Homework Club meets Mondays through Thursdays from 2:45-3:45 pm in Room 316. All EL students are welcome to study and complete homework assignments and projects with the support of EL staff.

Advanced Placement, or AP, Lunch Study (AP Study Center)
Advanced Placement (AP) Lunch Study is open to all students enrolled in an AP course. You must have an AP sticker on your ID. See Mr. Lueck if you need a sticker or have any questions.