2019-20 AP Exam Registration


The deadline to register is Thursday, October 31, 2019 (Halloween).

The cost is $94 per exam. AP Seminar and AP Research cost $142 per exam.

The College Board has changed their timeline regarding the registration and ordering of AP exams. All students enrolled in a yearlong or first semester course must indicate whether they intend to take the exam by the November deadline (there will be an additional sign up period in the spring, but only students enrolled in a 2nd semester only AP course will be permitted to register for their exam at that time). Students must complete registration on both the Total Registration and myAP websites to ensure their AP test(s) are ordered. The steps are listed below:


Registering for AP Exams

1. Check the date of the exam.
AP Exams are administered every year over two weeks in May. Late testing may be available under certain circumstances. Students taking the Computer Science Principles, French, or Statistics exams will permitted to test on the alternate exam date at no charge due to conflicts with Prom and the annual Senior Celebration (please note that the alternate. For further details and restrictions see the links below.

a. Exams Dates
b. Late Exams

2. Log in to Total Registration to select and pay for your AP exams. If this is your first AP exam, you will need to create an account. Students that took an exam in previous years should log into their old account. For assistance with accessing your account, please contact our AP Coordinator, Mr. Scott Lilly in the School Counseling Office. Students needing financial assistance to pay for their AP exams should contact Mrs. Michelle Mandley in the School Counseling Office.

3. Sign in to My AP with your College Board account and make sure you’ve joined your class section(s). If you have not joined your sections, you’ll need to follow the steps to join your section online. Students that have not yet joined their courses should contact the teacher of their AP course for their join code. Students will need to join EACH of their individual AP courses if enrolled in more than one AP course and/or intend to take more than one AP exam.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE SIGNING IN TO YOUR COLLEGE BOARD ACCOUNT…If you cannot remember your username or password, follow the “forget username or password?” links at myap.collegeboard.org to reset them. If you followed all the steps to get your username or password and still can’t access your account, please contact the College Board at 1-888-225-5427.

4. Confirm your exam registration. You will see a Register button in your class section view in My AP after you join your class sections. Clicking this button will let your coordinator know that you plan to take the exam, and they will order it for you. If you would like to register for an exam after November, your order will be subject to a late fee ($40). You will need to ask your AP coordinator to update your registration. If your class doesn’t start until the spring (2nd Semester AP US Gov’t & Politics and AP Macroeconomics) or you’ve transferred to a new school after the exam ordering deadline, don’t worry—your coordinator will be able to order your exam, and you won’t be charged a late order fee. Please be advised that students will be charged a $40 unused exam fee if they register for an exam and choose not to take it at any point after November 15th.

5. Review your registration details. Once you have selected to register, the date and time of your exam will appear in your class section view in My AP. The morning exam administration begins at 8 a.m. local time and the afternoon exam administration at 12 p.m. local time. The AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Exam administration begins between at 2 p.m. local time.

6. In the spring, Mr. Lilly will notify you when and where to report for the exams.

7. For any questions or concerns with AP test registration, please see Mr. Lilly in the School Counseling Office.

For any questions or concerns with AP test registration, please see Mr. Lilly in the School Counseling Office.