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Instructions to access April SAT & PSAT 8/9/10 scores, link to Khan Academy

Instructions to access April SAT & PSAT 8/9/10 scores, link to Khan Academy

If you took the SAT or PSAT 8/9/10 test with us in early April 2017, you will not be mailed a paper score report. The new Illinois statewide SAT test reports scores online only, beginning May 8. By accessing your scores on the College Board and linking them to a Khan Academy account, you can track your scores over time, send your scores to colleges, and receive access to a variety of free online prep resources.

Please Note the Following from College Board: “Some scores will be released later for reasons that include participation in the later accommodations testing window or on the makeup testing date, late receipt of answer sheets, missing information on the answer sheet, or other exception conditions that require additional attention. If a score is not available, students should check the Portal periodically for updates. The Portal will update daily as additional individual student scores are released. Scores for students who submitted a “Request to Cancel Test Scores” form will not be available in the Portal.”

PART I. To access scores, you will need a College Board Student Account. If you have already created a College Board account, go ahead and use it to log in and skip to Step 2. If you have not created a College Board account yet, start with Step 1.

Step 1 - Create a College Board Student Account - If you are creating your College Board account for the first time, go to and click Sign Up to create an account. You should use your full legal name that matches your name found in PowerSchool. You should be prepared to provide basic information, including gender, date of birth, Glenbard email address, high school name, expected high school graduation date, and zip code. The account will be created. Continue to step #2.

Step 2 - View Scores in the College Board Reporting Portal - To view scores, you will go to and sign in.  If your scores are not shown, continue to step #3. If your scores are shown, you can skip to PART II on page 2 to link your scores to Khan Academy.

Step 3 - If your scores do not appear, you will need to match your College Board Student Account and Test Registration information. If you are signed in but don’t see your scores, it means College Board was not able to link your score report and account automatically. For security reasons, you must verify additional information before College Board can display your scores.  You will need your SAT registration number for this step. You can get your SAT registration number from your school counselor. Then follow a-c below:

a. Click Add Score(s).
b. Review your personal information.
i. If any information is incorrect, click Update to revise. You will be prompted to reenter their password. If the information is correct, click Get My Scores.
c. If a match is still not found, you will be prompted to provide your test information, including the test date (April 5) and your test registration number.
i. To use your test information to match, select SAT as your test.  Enter “2017” as the test year. Then enter your SAT Registration Number (you received this number on your test day entrance ticket - if you no longer have your number, please go to the counseling office at your school to retrieve this number). Then click Get My Scores.

There may still be cases in which a student is not able to view their scores using the steps above because the information is too different or the scores have not yet been finalized. If you cannot view your scores, you should call the College Board’s Student SAT Help Line at 1-866-756-7346.

View a sample of what scores look like here.
Understand more about your score here.

PART II. Link your scores to Khan Academy so your can access free, personalized practice lessons and practice tests.

Linking your Scores to Khan Academy

1.  Go to Khan Academy in a web browser for English here or for Spanish here.

2.  Select Sign in/Sign up from the top right corner.

3.  Log in with your Glenbard Google account.
Khan Academy

4.  Make sure you are using your Glenbard Google account. When prompted, select Allow and Remember this approval for the next 30 days.

   5.  Select Subjects from the top right corner and then select Test Prep -> SAT.

6.  If you have already taken the SAT or PSAT, select Sign in to the

7.  Answer the questions about your recent text activity. Select Next in the bottom right corner.

8.  Select A, Sign into College Board, then scroll down to select Onward!

9.  When prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts. Hit Send and then Allow.